Here I am


Here I am. Starting this blog while working from Pekalongan, Central Java Indonesia. After my first cup of coffee, my mind is just racing, trying to get something done but actually there’s not much to be done here. I have 3 days to finish my job. For now, I think I’m gonna finished it today, so I have one day left.

New year is around the corner. I’m afraid I’m going to slip my one last goal pass thru my fingers. Getting a new job. I got an interview cancelled, eventhough it arranged 2 weeks before and more to that, this interview was my final chance to get a new job this yeaar…. Thanks to all of this business travel for making an  interview arragement even harder.

This is my third blog. After I wrote my last blog, I thought the name of the blog need some improvement. So I changed it all. I changed it twice, because I didn’t happy with the topic or I am just stupid and don’t want to realize it. I even thought of buying new notebook just so I can make time or write easily (Fyi, I am writing this from my phone). Finally, I decided just to face it all. If writing from phone’s hard, I’m just gonna eat it. So let be it.

Thats being said, I always love a fresh start. Facing a fresh page to be written made my mind wonder of the possibilities. My plan is to post in this blog daily, and lets see how this blog turns out. Thank you for reading, this is for you:



Read. Train. Write. Repeat.


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