This morning, I had an interesting conversation about preparing for a wedding ceremony. Preparing for a wedding ceremony in Indonesia is a meticulous task. From renting the venue, arranging the banquet to ordering the souvenir; the list goes on and on. More to that, due to diverse culture in Indonesia, just choosing which culture to be the wedding theme often leads to problems.

Wedding ceremony held in Jakarta costs more than 80 million rupiahs (USD 5,680) for 500 guests. That cost includes venue rent, banquet, invitation, souvenir, decoration and paper works. That’s the minimal cost if the person comes from middle class family. If compared  proportionately by GDP per capita to US, it is a whopping USD 30,728. By a simple Google search, average US wedding cost in 2014 , as stated by Time in March 2015, was USD 31,213. Slightly higher than Jakarta, but didn’t I just say USD 30,728 is the minimum cost?


The most of the cost comes from the banquet. It is normal in Indonesia to invite > 500 guests and serve them all-you-can-eat buffet. The big amount of guests is because Indonesian love to considers someone as family even just because they share the same great-great-great-grandparent their scarcely know. And after “family”, comes friends at work, at college, at high school, at school, at kindergarten. Not to mention about the parents’ friends.

My friend came up with this idea; hold the wedding out of town. Only family, no guest. Rent an exotic resort and hold the wedding there. That’ll be much easier and cheaper. But most of the family here still think too much about other people perception. Wedding ceremony with limited guest often perceived negatively. All things aside, I think young Indonesian have to consider this perspective. The current perspective about wedding is passed from hundred years ago, and it is just a traditions that hold less or no more value. Wedding is one of a lifetime event that the bride should enjoy the most. Not just a ceremony just to please others.

What do you think? Please leave your comment below.


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