Bamboo Mat, Star Wars and Sofa Bed

I took a leave on Friday. Spent half of the day cleaning my house and after that I went windowshopping around Depok, looking for furnitures. Bought a bamboo mat, exactly what I was wanted for months. Found a decent wicker furnitures with great price, but I didnt buy it yet.




Had been very happy because, by the end of the day, my house was clean and I finally could use my living room because of the mat.



Guess what, eventho I was born in 1990, I watched Star Wars for the first time when I was around 6. Not only I scarcely remember, but also I think I was just too young to understand it. Despite of the hip lately, I wasn’t planning to watch it. But because it was just there, and it took most of the studios, so I watched it. I am not gonna spoil it here and actually, I’m not very satisfied with the movie (gonna review it in another post).

Had a great breakfast with my gf. Did another windowshopping around Depok and found cheap/cool sofas.





Canceled ordering a day bed, because I thought I better buy sofabed since I need sofa for my living room and a bed. I remembered that there was sofa maker online and decided to pay em a visit to try the sofa. The sofa maker is famous for its retro modern sofa; the one you would see in scandinavian interior magazine.


It’s almost midnight now, and i’ll end this post with my own quote that summed up my weekend.

“Life begins after you get your first mortgage.”


Read. Train. Write. Repeat.


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