Financially speaking, I’m not in my best condition. My house keep sucking my money for fixes, plants and furnitures. Eventho I’ve reduced my daily expense, there was no money left by the end of the month. There are habits (or “sins”) I realized that made things worse.

First, I am addicted to Pinterest. I could scroll thru it for hours. A lot of inspiration of house decor, diy furniture and whatnots. Ideas gathered from Pinterest often made me do another “sin”.

Second, I installed bukalapak and olx app. It is like craiglist in Indonesia. I frequently checked it for update of new posting of used furniture and knick knacks. For the past 2 months, I’ve bought a midcentury rattan chair and a goat hide (with really good price).

Third, I bought house maintenance supplies every weekend. Things like paints, brushes and sandpapers. This expense added up and was expensive.

Fourth, I randomly went to local gardening shop. Even it was pretty cheap (no more than $10 per visit), I still regret it.

I think it’s time to make a change to focus on certain weekend project. Juggling between too many projects wasn’t only costly but also not sustainable in the long run.


Read. Train. Write. Repeat.


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