On house

Yes, this is another post about my house. Been living there for 8 months now. Started with almost nothing, I slowly bought the furnitures one by one. I selected it so it matched my taste and need. My biggest splurge is in my sofa bed. I had to order a custom sofa bed because the sofa being sold back then was neither around my budget or matched my taste. Had to wait for a month, but it was worth every penny. The sofa came up great and all.


Another item that I’m proud of is the persian rug. Bought it in Medan because I thought Medan is so much closer to the Persia or Malacca (at least) so it might be cheaper. It turned out that I got it in the cheapest price compared to the internet price.


The latest item I bought is a midcentury wicker chair. Bought it from OLX (indonesian craiglist) for $20. Had to brought it home on my motorcycle so it quite an experience. I wonder how the seller get the chair because it wasn’t matched with her house which was in a slum (no offense). Had to restore a bit but the result was super great.


There are items that I planned to purchase but I guess I’ll wait til my saving is enough. Any comment or question will be much appreciated.


Read. Train. Write. Repeat.


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