I contacted a jute rug producer. I knew him from his site, poorly made blogspot site. Bought one rug for really cheap price. It didn’t even on the catalogue tho, because I ordered the natural one (not dyed).

Jute rug, or any rug made from natural material considered as a cheap product in Indonesia. People prefers persian rug because it conveys wealth and its owner prosperity. It is hard to find a natural rug in Indonesia, eventho its material is easily found here. Natural rug often sold in traditional market. Made for poor people in rural area.

An IKEA Sinnerlig rug

But nowadays, natural rug is considered a thing. Googled “natural jute rug”, and the results varied from hip decor site to eco yoga mat. Went to IKEA and Zara home before, and they was selling natural rug for a very steep price. It considered as an modern decor item.

I saw an opportunity in this situation. If the rug I ordered is good enough, I’m planned to be a reseller. I’ll repackage it and sell it online. I’ll update the progress here!


Read. Train. Write. Repeat.


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