Rejeki Anak Soleh

Disclaimer: I made this post solely for sharing my experience. I did not receive any benefit or incentive from OLX related to this post.

I made my second furniture purchase via OLX (Indonesian craiglist) today. It was crazy good experience. I found out that there was rattan furniture sold nearby yesterday. Later, I learnt that the seller wanted it to go because it made his house too crowded. It’s so cheap, only about $30. Sent the seller a message and before I’m even asking slash bargaining, he gave me $4 discount (So it was only Rp 350k or around $26). It was like only 1 km from my house. I felt like God himself heard my prayer and sent down His angels to gave me the furniture (Duh!).

I want to give you a comparison of what $26 is worth in store.



See? Not much. But thanks to OLX, it helped many cheapskates with a taste like me. So I went to the seller house, did a little check. The furniture need a little repair, of course, but it was still worth every penny. I’ve told you I am a cheapskate, I didn’t order or rent a truck to move the things. Instead I put it on my shoulder and walked all the way back to my house.


Last but not least, if you’re wondering what kind of furniture I bought.


Once again, thank you OLX!


Read. Train. Write. Repeat.


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