Between Passion and Work Life Balance

I have been working for 4 years in a 45 hours a week job. One of the main reason why I chose this job is I am searching for a work life balance. Can you imagine a fresh graduate who knows nothing about work life saying he wants a work life balance? I just don’t want working in the big four public accounting firms, literally from the dusk to the dusk again like majority of my friends.

After this four years, I am starting to miss those nights when I am working mindlessly for a job I loved. I was an amateur illustrator once. I was willing to wake up early and sleep late just to meet my deadline. I miss those fire, those passion. I can’t find the relation of my job and my passion, I can’t help but just do what I asked to, not what I have to. And that’s waste of time.

So I turned to my all time mentor, books. Lately, I read about how most successful people hustle hard from their earlier days. What came next is the realization that I didn’t hustle hard enough in my earlier days comparing to them. So I began to worry. Is the concept of work life balance just don’t work for me now?

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