On Idea Sharing

I read it somewhere, ideas are cheap nowadays. Everyone has internet in their hands and knowledge is freeflowing. You can have a multi billion worth ideas but it’s useless if you can’t monetize it. And by monetize, I mean execute. Execution. Yet it’s still a long long way to go.


Within 3 years, 92% of startups failed. Of those who failed 74%, failed due to premature scaling (source). My point is keeping a great idea for yourself won’t make you a billionaire.

That being said, sharing a great idea is beneficial. We can share our interest to other people and see if there’s other people that have the same interest as us. We even can get feedbacks and possibility of collaboration.

So, why don’t we just share our ideas? I’d like to share my ideas in the future post with #ideasharing. I’d like to know what you think, please leave comment below.


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