On Indonesian VLOG Trends


There’s currently a VLOG wave sweeping Indonesia. Based on socialblade.com, here are 8 top Indonesian channels/youtube personalities:

1. Lifia Niala – Kids toys product review
2. Edho Zell – Mostly post parody and humor
3. Laurentius Rando – Beatbox and vlog
4. rezaoktovian – Gaming and vlog
5. Young Lex – Rap music and vlog
6. Raditya Dika – Stand up comedy and vlog
7. Nathan Fingerstyle – Music
8. Tim2One – Chandra Liow – Music and vlog

Seriously, Indonesia?

I just read that rank when I was writing this post. The result surprised me. There have been major changing on everyday entertainment from television to youtube due to cheaper internet connection. I thought it is also because of the super trashy Indonesian TV show. So, the people moved to youtube for better and varied content quality.

Having said that, the content of the top Indonesian youtube channel is not quite different from Indonesian television. Vlog, music, comedy and gaming; that’s all. The only different is the target market; which affect the way they deliver the content.

So here’s the problem..

There is no friggin censorship on the internet, bro. Kids can easily watch the videos! Some of these so called youtubers swore and used profanities. Not only that, they also did inappropriate things for views. Really, dude?


Seriously, I really want to enjoy smart local Youtube content and I think this Youtubers slowly turn into the next Raffi, Deny and Sapri.

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