I’ve been back in my home for this past two days. Fortunately, nothing fell off, broken or died in it when I came back. On Saturday, I decided to clean my house first and then go to the gym. Successfully tackled it all, which bring me those indestructable feeling.

That is when suddenly this words came to my mind.

Happiness is not sleeping and doing nothing all day. It is doing things that mattered the most.

I am sure I read it somewhere. Doing house chores somehow relaxing. I think it’s in the part when I finally cleaned my mind and did one thing at a time. The same with working out. It might be boring to certain people, but I think it’s one of the time that I finally rest my mind and just doing things.

I’d like to know your opinion on this. Do you also have non conventional activity to rest your mind? Please share in the comment section 🙂


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