Daily Meditation: Passion

If you are not enjoying what you do, just quit and do something you enjoy the most.

I really wish life’s that simple. The thing that we enjoy the most might be not beneficial to us in the long term. It might be not out true passion. Finding our true passion could take forever. Years, if not decades. There are people who found their passion after they retired and, sadly, just realised it after all those times he had. I believe it is a sin if we’re not living our life to the fullest.

Finding our true passion needs a habit of conversation with ourselves. A constant awareness of choosing between things that truly matter and not. Passion is not a temporary interest of things. It is not merely a job or a hobby. It is our vision.

I believe that we’re uniquely designed to do our mission in this universe. Every ups and downs has its purpose to prepare ourselves for our journey. Therefore it is impossible to know our passion without looking on what we already had in our pocket.

I also learned that it’s impossible to keep on track to our goal all the time. Life will always get on our way. So it’s fine to take a deroute sometimes. Remember about connecting the dots. It might feel random at first, but in a broader sense, it has been written for us.

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