Daily Meditation: Get Rid of Bad Thought


That feeling when you recognized a negative thought and want to get rid of it.

If you read “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrary” you’d know that our mind is like a garden. If we want our mind lust and healthy, we must defend from negative thoughts. Self doubts, envy, rage, fear and whatnots are like poison. It starts small, and then it weakens us inside out.

I drank a lot of coffee yesterday. And then, my mind was a battlezone. Normal people usually have 50,000-70,000 thoughts per day, and I kinda felt like having 80,000 thoughts yesterday. Most of it was negative thoughts, you know that feeling when you’re dead tired but you just wanna work it thru the day so you just gulped cups of coffee. If my mind was a garden, I am sure it ruined by the battle.

Source: Pinterest

Lesson learned, there’re ways to get rid negative thoughts. This is what worked for me (psst.. i’d be happy if you could share your way to get rid of bad thoughts in the comment section). I can’t stressed it enough that identifying negative thought is the most important step. When a trigger appeared, our mind would respond it. The respond can be negative or positive. There’s this milisecond when you can choose how to respond to every trigger. It’s a no brainer, take a deep breath and say “fuck it” to the negative thought.

The monster sometimes could be stronger tho. That is when we need more drastic action. As for me, everytime I realized there’s a bad thoughts linger, I went out to get fresh air. I spent 5-10 minutes just to stare at things. Yes, things like plant, leave, flower, anything that I can appreciate. It cleared my mind, made me focus of to the positive side. Another thing I usually did is listen to music. Good music enhanced my mood, and keep me distrated from bad thoughts.

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