English or Bahasa: You Pick

When you look at posts tagged #indonesia, it’s mostly about tourism and travelling stuffs.

There are too much posts reviewing Bali, Ubud and Seminyak as if Indonesia is one dimension. Another post might tell us about Indonesian’s social condition which is never get far from these topics; consumerism, crazy traffic, and poverty.

Majority of the posts shares by tourists. Or foreigner. That’s basically the way they see Indonesia. There is seldom really good writing from a person who happened to be an expert in Indonesia literature. I began to asking where these people post their writings? A frickin facebook? I am surely missing a lot. As people getting more easier access to another language content, i think, in the end, the language with the most content would obliterate the language with less content.

The real example is the diminishing of local language usage by Indonesian. As the content or knowledge sharing that use the language reducing, there was no incentive for people to use or study that language. As the time goes by, none use the language anymore.

Same thing can happen to Bahasa. Many Indonesian family now use English as their second language. It is not unusual to hear kids using English in daily conversation. Cant blame ’em tho, but there must be an awareness of this symptom before it’s too late. Ironically, I write this on an English blog.


6 thoughts on “English or Bahasa: You Pick

  1. sebenernya penentuan bahasa tergantung target audiens nya aja sih. bebas mau pake bahasa apapun. yg terpenting maksud dan tujuan dlm sbh tulisan bisa sampe ke audiens. sayang kan kalo tulisan bagus gak menjangkau dan bisa dinikmati pembacanya.

    naked-traveler.com sukses berat tuh meski di tulis dlm bahasa indonesia sehari2.

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  2. iya gan sumpah tulisan blog nya bagus bgt. inspiratif dan enak dibaca. artikel yg berbahasa inggris dibikin versi indonesia nya dong. keren bgt pastinya info yg disampaikannya.


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