Sahabat Sejati

Sahabat Sejati, means true friend, is a small bookshop across the traditional market from where I used to live. It rented comics, fictions and magazines. One day, my aunt, who educated enough to think that reading habit is very important to kid, brought me there and signed me up as a member.

The shopkeeper, a lady who looked like Jabba The Hutt, monitored my every move from over the counter. As if I would steal her stuff when I left unnoticed. I clearly remember her fierce stare, examining every book I returned. The three meters high shelves filles with mangas from the late 80’s. You would find a complete set of Dragon Ball, Slam Dunk, Doraemon or even Crayon Shinchan. Hidden behind the comics there were older magazine bundles. I could rent it for 1 cent for a bundle that consists of 5 editions. On the other shelves, there were old but gold Goosebumps that I read most of it.

Long story short, I was addicted. Too many people warned me that I would crashed into someone else if I keep reading while I was walking. I went there 2-3 times a week to finish Dragon Ball, reread Kungfu Boy, or diving into the shelves to find old magazine gems. The last time went there is when I was in junior high school.

In the end, I wasn’t returned maybe three of their comics. Once I met the Jabba The Hutt lady when I was strolling in the market. Still recognized my face, she reminded me about the comics I wasn’t returned and wanted the comics back asap. And that was the last time I saw her.

Nowadays, the shop is closed and evicted. The lady is dead too. Majority of the kids in the neighborhood prefer to spent their time in the game center. Older generation reads comics online. So much for my favorite bookshop.


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