Back and Forth: Buying Laptop for Online Biz

Do I need laptop to start my online business? Or is phone, tablet and a camera just enough?

Lately, I’ve been thinking about buying a laptop. The main reason is I want to make money online and take it more seriously. Currently, my equipment are my Samsung phone and an Asus tablet. I also have a Canon pocket camera, but rarely used it since I found it difficult to transfer the images from the camera to the tablet. I mostly used my phone to post in this blog. There are major disadvantages of writing blog via phone, such as:
  – The picture quality is not good enough
  – Got tired more easily because of too much scrolling
  – Confused when editing a long post
* Mind you, my Samsung is an entry level phone. It can’t run complex photo editing app.

I can’t afford to invest in investment that pays back too long. I am still not convinced that buying a laptop will give me any advantage because I am still in the stage of thinking about what kind of internet business that I want to run. I read articles about making money online, entrepreneurship, and small business idea. It did shed lights. Too many lights, it blinding.

Having said that, this is my business ideas:
  – I want to make a local music magazine. It’s hyper niche, has a lot of fanatics, and none nailed it. Yet I still didn’t research it deep enough.
  – Making a P2P lending platform. In Indonesia, the market is big and untouched. But I still don’t know where to start.
  – Making an online shop. Buy low, sell high. I’m kinda obsessed with furniture.
  – Last but not least, stick to writing a blog. I read it everywhere it’s hard to make money from blogging. Some people said it take years. I don’t think I write good enough so, for now, I just do it for fun.

I said it before that I need a laptop to take making money online more seriously. By that I mean, building a good website, writing, editing photos and videos. And then this question came up,

Do anyone still visit a website nowadays?

Aren’t they only use Instagram, Path and Twitter?

Do high quality photo still important since the majority use their phone to access the internet?

Do I really wanna make a video?

And a lot more other questions. *Pardon me, I had been disconnected from internet and social media for 3-4 years until last year.

Years ago, I tested my consistency first before I put my money in gym membership. I took workout plans from the internet and home workout 5 days a week religiously for a year. After knowing that I wouldn’t waste my money, I get the gym membership. Maybe I need to make money with my current equipment first before I deciding to invest in a laptop.


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