Blog and Cafe

I wish I know this before I started blogging.

My blog is still 4 months old with only around 30 blog post. I never write topic to sellout or to increase traffic. My posts are mostly aboutmy thoughts and reflections. I rarely leave a comment on other people’s post because I see a blog as a journal, a one way communication medium.

Today I learned that I was wrong. I always wanted my blog to be a two ways communication medium. I always put a message in the end of my every post to encourage people to leave comment etc. Yet, I didn’t think that I myself rarely comment on someone else’s blog. So I left a few comment on other’s blog.

The effect is suprisingly great. You know that knowing someone left a comment in your post is one of the blogger’s best feeling. I don’t really know about the amount of comment other blogger received in a day, but I feel WordPress is like a ghost town before. It also increased my views (it is still small, but today I get the biggest number of views I ever get).


Now, I kinda wanted my blog like a small cafe around the corner. There’s always someone to chitchat, share and have fun with. There’s always a fresh brewed idea to discuss or debate. There’s always someone you barely know, but feel like a long lost friend.


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