The #30 Post


Don’t compare yourselves to other people. Sorry, I just can’t help.
My thoughts on the possibilities of this blog.

I joined a journalistic organization in college. Journalistic organization was very popular back then since writing is a crucial skill for college student. All of our test were in essay format, so it would be very difficult if we can’t make any point across. In that organization, many of my friends wrote economy articles in scientific journal. Like a real journalist, they also trained to do research, interview, data gathering and all. Yet, I’m busy drawing and making great design. While most of my friend assigned to write an article, I was assigned to do the cover illustration and magazine layout.

Some of my friend has a blog. If you ever hear about Freakonomics –, it’s that kind of blog they want to achieve. They tried to dissect everyday event with economic theory for fun. They did a small research, tested their hypothesis, and explained it in a fun way. Meanwhile, I had a deviantart page. Lol.

Right now, I am still struggling to keep the consistency of my blog by setting the minimum standard of 2 posts a week. I also do not restrict or carefully select my topics. I write whatever that come to my head. My current method usually goes like this:
  – Write the big idea
  – Write whatever came in my head
  – Edit for typos and grammatical errors
  – Add great photos
  – Publish

After this 30th post, I planned to upgrade my blog quality. I want it to be more deep and analytical. I want to use more than words; tables, diagrams, pictures and whatnots. I also want my blog to be more thoughtful in word selection. Last but not least, I want it to be helpful.

My first success parameter is to make a longer post. I usually wrote less than 300 words per post. Since now I am using my tablet, I planned to minimum 800 words per post. I still don’t know if it is still gonna be comfortable to read it on mobile phone. Second, I am gonna plan my topic for a week upfront in Sunday, so I have times to do research. I realized that I seldom use research to backup my argument, so I am gonna  research it first before write it down. And then about editing, I know that there are sites to do editing so I definitely going to use that site. Another thing is I want to explore more about the possibility of turning my future writing to another forms such as: slideshow, podcast, comic, infographic, etc.