ShareTheLove : Casa Kalea


Casa Kalea is a gem amidst Margonda mediocrity.
Beji, Jl. Margonda Raya No.267, Kemirimuka, Kota Depok, Jawa Barat
Open from 11 PM – 10 AM
Meal cost for 2: 150k rupiahs
Contact: 0812-1220-2191



You can find mostly Indonesian and Italian here. In my last visit, I ordered fried rice with salted fish, honey kaya toast, iced cappuccino and ice blended cappuccino. The fried rice with salted fish was good. They put the salted fish just enough so the fried rice didn’t taste too salty. I ordered nachos, but it was not available at that time so changed to my all time favorite kaya toast. At first I was expecting the traditional kaya toast with thick bread, but instead it was a crispy thin bread with kaya jam inside. It was still good tho.




The atmosphere is the highlight of this place. First impression, it was always nearly empty everytime we came here. So it easily became my favorite place to hang out and chitchat. Second, the place claimed to be cafe + gallery. There are diy paintings hanged, but, i think, it need more than that to be an artsy cafe. There were built-in shelves with old books, knick knacks and vintage stuffs. Anyway, the cafe was clean, comfy and homy.

The shelves! There were many unique items on that shelves: CD collection, comic, travel souvenirs, etc. It was kinda like learning someone else life if you closely look at it.

The service was quick and responsive . No complain here.

This cafe is one of the very few cafe that raised the bar in Margonda. Before Casa Kalea, it was the age of mediocre cafe solely intended for student‘s quick and cheap meal. Those cafes went crazy in the decor and sold pricy but cheap food. I can assure you Casa Kalea is not one of those cafes. It brought fresh air to crowded Margonda.

The name of the game is ShareTheLove. I’ve seen too many great place closed down and evicted, so this is an attempt to preserve great place by sharing and promoting.  I don’t get any benefit for posting this.