This is What I Did to Land Interviews on LinkedIn


5 interviews in 5 months for the job I wanted that never posted on any job site.

It started months ago when I wanted a better job with less traveling time. I didn’t have a LinkedIn account and forgot my Jobstreet password. Worse, I didn’t have any college friends on my contacts. This was my job searching mentality: nothing to lose, whatever it takes.

I found that waiting a job vacancy to be posted in Jobstreet or LinkedIn was time consuming and, to be honest, it just didn’t work. The vacancies posted on those job sites rarely fits my preference. If there’s one great opportunity appeared, there were thousands another applicants, and I felt like my CV sunk deep in their mailbox. There’s no such thing as eye catching envelope in applying a job online; no way to differentiate you from other applicants. I doubt anyone would review all of those applications. As long as I remember, I didn’t get any interview by applying on a job site.

My method is really a no brainer. I got 5 interviews between July 2015 – December 2015. The good thing is the interviews are for the jobs that I really wanted. 5 interviews for jobs that I really wanted in five months! Without further ado, here are the steps:

1. List down your favorite company and position
Just list it down. Don’t limit yourselves with companies within your current industry. Sometimes, there’s a job that we didn’t know even exist in certain industry but fit us well. Also list down another positions that maybe related to your position or a position you can easily adapted to. I also did Briggs Myers personality test to help me identify jobs that fit my personality.

2. Search and Connect with Person That Related to Your “Wanted” List
Use your LinkedIn search feature to search and connect to persons related to your wanted list. Here’s a list that might help:

– HR staff
– (Your wanted unit) manager
– (Your wanted position) head
– You get the idea

Great thing about LinkedIn is it notifies the person you ry to connect to. So there’s a big chance you’re going to be connected. Try to connect to as many as possible potential persons. This potential person will be your connector to the job you want.

3. Download the Contacts Information from LinkedIn
In case you don’t know, there’s a feature in LinkedIn that enable us to download our contacts information to *.xls format. Here’s how. If you’re lucky, the data would includes phone numbers and emails of your contacts. Since it is in excel format, you can easily filter and search thru it.

4. Send the Connectors Personal Email
The point I want to stressed is you have to send personal emails to those connectors. This is my actual email to those connectors:

Dear Sir,

I read your status in Linkedin about vacancies in __________. I am interested in joining ___________ and looking for ___________.

I am currently working as ________. (*Write about your achievement, your strengths, etc.*). You can find my CV in the attachment. In case of there isn’t any suitable vacancy, you can keep my CV as future reference. I look forward to hearing from you. ( Idk if this would work in other country, but it worked here in Indonesia).

I altered it a bit so it matched the position I interested in. I usually followed it up by sending a message over LinkedIn since most people do not check their personal email very often. Once I got an interview invitation only two hours after I sent those emails.

Some people may think it is not polite to email a person asking for a job. But it my case, it was whatever it takes. I don’t care about how people would think. I‘d mostly considered as random person sending random job application emails. I got nothing to lose 🙂 That kind of mentality differentiate who want the job and who want the job badly.


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