On Sleeping Habit


I read it everywhere, young yet to be successful entrepreneurs had gungho, balls to the wall lifestyle when they first started their business. It’s often include long working hours and lack of sleep. When one got no money and skill to build a business, one should start it with their time, right?

So, I’ve been reducing my sleeping time. I usually go to bed at 9-10 PM, and wake up at 4:30 AM, which is around 6,5 – 7,5 hours. I reduced to only 6 hours. I went to bed at 11 PM and woke up at 5 AM. I did it because I need to invest more time in my business project.

It’s, not a surprise, affect my life.

First, i always need coffee to drag thru my day. It was one cup before I got to work ad another cup after lunch. The coffee maintains my mood and my persona. Being sleep deprived, I was easily lose my patience. There were so many times I cut others off in conversation. I was also lack of focus; the opposite of what I need since my day job need extra focus to details.

Secondly, i need nap after lunch. I get one hour lunch break, and I always use 10 minutes for lunch and 50 minutes to nap. Yes, I’m that kind of guy who sleep in his cubicle. No nap time, no work done after lunch.

I should have read this article on Lifehack  before I decided to experiment with my sleeping habit. It’s said that these are the effects of bad sleep habit.

1. We become irritable and moody, and if sleep deprivation continues we can experience hallucinations and anxiety. Yep, That’s me.

2. We become emotionally flattened and our relationships suffer. It’s also me.

3. We lose our ability to remember and suffer many cognitive delays.We can even fall prey to substance abuse. I drink coffee, redbulls, vitamins to keep function properly.

4. What’s even worse is that we can fall into micro-sleeps (5-10 seconds) that cause lapses in attention, which could lead us to nod off while doing an activity like driving. Not getting enough sleep is downright dangerous. I felt it today, micro-sleeping on my moped going 40 km/hours.

That confirm there’s something wrong about my lifestyle, it need change. The goal is to have more time for my business project while maintaining my day job performance. So, people, I want to know your opinion on this. Have you ever experiment with your sleeping pattern? What do you think works?


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