Finally, a Laptop

The new beginning.

Finally, I bought a laptop. It’s a very basic laptop to help me write more structured post. I realized that my blog need to be more professional, with more decent photos and smarter topics. Writing with a tablet was not a convenient experience, since a tablet doesn’t have enough power to process more than text (have you ever try to use spreadsheet app in tablet?). I mean look at my photos. It looked good in my phones, but super awful when I view it in a PC.

Another reason is I want to make the transition from having one day job to having side job smoother. I think buying a laptop is one of the commitment I decided to take as a part of leaping to entrepreneurial world. It is an enabler. Not only make working easier, but also it make working more fun. Seriously. Just like when I go to the gym, it make me more focus on getting on the job done since the tools are available and ready to use. I think of buying this laptop is like an investment. I really hope that it’ll pay well.

I already thought about projects that I want to finish. I am just going to share it here.

  1. I want to start writing about home exercise. I know, it’s not a new thing and the materials is available out there. Nevertheless, there is no material that focus on Indonesian audience (except the fenomenal Corbuzier diet). It seems that none willing to share about it.
  2. I’m thinking about writing educational blog for Indonesian highschool student. It will be focused on how to master answering University test questions. There are blogs that already cover the topic, but I don’t think it’s great.
  3. Running my online shop.  Yes, since I already got a laptop, I can use it to edit photos and the look of my online shop easily. It’s my first priority since the products ended up on my couch.


Hey! If you’re Indonesian and live in Jakarta, I’m interested to discuss about internet related business idea with you. You can leave a comment here or shoot me an email at Peace out!


Psst the image above is from  here.



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