“.. to wander through life, doing jobs you don’t like and/or doing jobs that leave you living from paycheck to paycheck is to disrespect yourself.” – Source


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  1. I would respectfully disagree with the paycheck to paycheck part. I chose to work at one of those jobs because I love the job! The work I do brings me fulfillment and I go home every day feeling like I accomplished something. But even more important than that, I work at a paycheck-to-paycheck job because, although I worked at an abundance-of-money-job for most of my life, it took away most of my kids lives from them. I worked 60-70 hours a week, now since my ex divorced me, my kids only see me four days a month. No amount of abundant money is worth taking yet more time away from them. So I sacrifice and learn to be be creative in making ends meet and I spend time with my kids! That is what My #Life is not found in money.

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