Before Starting Your E-Commerce Business



I just launched my online shop yesterday.This is what I did before.

Before the launching, there were weeks of research and contemplation. I read lots of materials about how to do research on the internet, how to start an online business, how to effectively market my product etc. FYI, years ago I started my preorder clothing business with no real knowledge about online business and I survived. I invested my time in my business, without any starting capital, and it took off. I also had my failure, but I learn a thing or two along the way. So, yeah, this is my take on how you should start your online business.

1.   Always do a Market Research First
Business is about satisfying customer needs. It is always involving supply and demand. You probably think that certain idea is really good and a lot of people out there would think the same. Remember this: no idea is good enough before it’s tested. There are lots of methods to test a business idea.

  • First, a no brainer, think about your target market and ask them whether they would buy the product or not.
  • Secondly, use Google Trends and Google Keywords Planner. There are many articles on how to use those tools for research purpose.
  • Third (I never try it,but really recommend it), use preorder. Make a prototype, take a good photographs of it, put it online. Wait and see the response. You only lose the cost of building the prototype if none want it.

You can proceed to the next step only if you are sure about the marketability of the product.

People often want to hit straight to the biggest target: making a dramatic change for a better world. Sure. It is everyone dream. But, your idea don’t have to be something new amd drastic. Innovation can means: Do it better/faster/more efficient, combining two product into one, or make it cheaper. 

2. Think About How To Get The Product
There are two options on how to get the product. Produce it by yourself or just buy it. Take time to consider these points.

  • Is it cheaper to buy or to produce?
  • Is there any vendor that can produce your product?
  • Is it possible to produce the product yourself if there’s huge amount of orders?
  • Is producing the product yourself adds value to your product?

I chose to buy my product from wholesalers because of the price and the ease. The downside is my product is not unique.

3. Start Your Online Shop in an E-commerce Site
It is very difficult to build your brand on your own. Really. If you choose to build your own website, you have to attract people to visit your website. That’s means throwing money on marketing, and all. If you don’t have the money, your business need a platform to launch and grow. It can be internet forums or e-commerce site. Segmented internet forums are the perfect place to start. Choose forums that related to your product. It kinda like a bunch of consumers discussing their needs. People come to e-commerce site to buy something, so the probability of your stuff get sold is bigger. You only need to upload your product with the right keywords and consistently  upload or reupload another product. It depends on the system of that e-commerce site. Some of the e-commerce sites put the most recent product in their landing page so it’s better to reupload your stuffs after sometimes.

4. Put A Good Photo Of Your Product
It is been SO MANY TIMES before and I can’t stressed it enough. Photo is the only way the consumer assess your product. It should obviously show your product without too much distractions. I’m talking about that shabby background and multiple fonts. There are a lots of articles about how to do product photoshoot with minimal equipment.

As I developing my online shop, I am gonna update this post if something missed. I hope you find this post useful.



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