A Note to Myself


Always do the best and don’t worry about the outcome
Just make sure you give your best shot in everything you do. There are too many things can happen that can affect the outcome. Don’t worry about that. Whether it’s success or failure, the universe is only care about the effort. Success gives you a sense of achievement, failure gives you lesson. Everyone have their own share in this world, the only thing that makes the difference is how much effort they give to get the share.

Be Brave
Most of great things in life are free. True. Most of that things only require your bravery to get. Be bold.

Be brave.

Be brave.

Be brave.

People always judge. It’s not about you, it’s about them. When you show yourself to the world, there are three possible outcome: they like it, they hate it, or they have no idea. There’re always someone out there who hate what you do. Learn from them.

Be brave to take the risk. Believe in yourself. You got what it takes to do what you meant to do. The universe has prepared you for this. This is the time. Believe there’s bigger entity supports whatever you do.

Be Focus
Don’t try to juggle too many eggs. You’ll probably end up break all of them. Focus on the task at hands. Concentrate. Finish the task before moving to other task. Finish what you’ve start.

Never give up. This is what you’re created for. This is what you’re prepared for. There’s no use for doubt. Focus on giving one step at a time. Don’t worry about tomorrow. Time will tell who give his best all the time.


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