To Write or Not To Write

That’s not the question

Most of the times, the questions are:
  – Will I look stupid writing this?
  – Is it interesting enough?
  – Is it obvious?
  – Do the grammar good enough?
  – Oh look! Another listicle on how to write good!
  – Do I use too many “not only.. but also..”?
  – Do my sentence make any sense?
  – I HAVE to read this Jon Westenberg’s new post!
  – Is it LinkedIn worthy?
  – Is it 800 words already?
  – I think I need more coffee
  – Do this picture funny enough?
  – #life or #blog?

Today’s my first anniversary on WordPress.
7 blogs; only 1 active
> 40 writings, 116 visits, 216 views, 31 followers
Can’t wait for the years to come!


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