A Quick Update


Lately, I’ve been busy managing my Linkedin tips thread on Kaskus as it picked as Hot Thread. You know, stuffs like replying comments, PMs and VMs. I also have been writing my next post on homeworxout.com about how to stay consistent in eating clean and working out (I’ll post it tomorrow). Since I believe ideas should be free, in the next post I’ll probably write about these stuffs:

1. Nomaden, 3 Years of 75% Travelling
2. How to Own A House Before You’re 25
3. Finance 101 for Fresh Graduates
4. Working Out 101 For Beginners
5. Keeping your weight after Ramadhan
6. And 6 another ideas which I too lazy to write it here -__-

FYI: if you want to lose your weight or wanted a companion (or just someone you can ask), I open 24/7/365 in homeworxout’s Line account : @epl6302i. You can ask me about eating clean, working out, personal finance, early 20s problem and starting your career. Do not hesitate,  my opinion is as free as air. Have a great day everyone!

Peace out!


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