I Need A Partner

Here’s the thing, this week is not my super productive week. I rest a lot. I tried to compensate last week’s sleep deprivation with 6-8 hours sleep this week.

Last week, I wrote like everyday. I took 3-4 hours a day to wrote a thread on Kaskus, spent another hour to make it look good. I sacrificed my sleep and workout. Things got out of control. I checked Kaskus like everytime, hoping someone would reply or, even, make my writing hot thread again. I also was sleepy, riding my bike most of the time. I slept on my desk everyday. That was stupid.

This week I try to find the equilibrium. The magical sweet spot where everything goes the way I wanted. The condition which I often refuse to admit its existence. Until today, I only wrote 2 writings, and going to post another writing. I slept for minimal 6 hours a day. I finally started to work out again. It’s already Friday, but there’s still a lot of things to do.

I have to update my Kaskus threads
I have to contact my client
I have to finish my writing
I have to write another post
I have to workout twice again
I have to do home chores

At this point, I think I need a partner. Seriously.


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