Someone Retired Today, and This is How I Feel


Whose name hanged to the ceiling is the one who retired today. Harsoyo. He is 55, but judging from his looks, he still strong enough to work for another decade. A former boxer turned to banker, he spent his last years worked in one of the subsidiary. Until last month, the management summoned him back to the office.

Look again at the picture. 3 out of 6 people are in their mid-twenties. In my office, the age gap is really wide. People who retired in their 55, replaced by 21 y.o. fresh graduates. We only see Harsoyo once a year in a gathering. So, yeah, none know him close enough. Most of his friends were already retired, moved, or replaced by those fresh graduate kids.


That’s Mr Harsoyo in the far left corner. It’s kinda sad to see him this way. He always talk in past tense. Reminiscing over the memories when he was young. There’s always gloomy feelings in retirement. Those lame decorations, foods, Rihanna’s music or getting congratulated by people you barely know, it will never worth your decades of hard work, isn’t it?

Thank you for reading this sentimental post. Happy weekend everyone!


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