Daily Meditation: On Health

Today I went to see a dermatologist. I worried if I developed psoriasis just as my father did. The skin on the side of my head has been flaky and peeling if it is too dry. It turned out that I have a sebbhoroic dermatitis, the name’s kinda frightening but it just my skin produces too many oil so I have to use special shampoo for the rest of my life.

I always worry about my health. Sometimes I am working out just to prove to myself that I am healthy. Health is indeed God’s greatest gift. I don’t want to be too religious here, but I saw many families tumbled because of one of its member suffered from health problem. I am afraid if the same thing happen to me.

Be Proactive

That gives me the motivation to always be proactive about my health. Not so long ago, I received medical check up results. It said that there is something wrong about my heart that need to be checked further. I made an appointment with my doctor and she said I better see a cardiologist. So I went to a cardiologist to get my heart checked. I did a treadmill test and the result was I am perfectly healthy. I know it costs much to do that kind of treatment or test, but knowing that I am  perfectly healthy is priceless to me.

Some people do ignore and deny doctor’s warning and MCU results. They see it as suggestion not early warning. I can tell you a lot of sad stories that start with one ignoring his doctor’s warning and end with regret. I also understand that the truth sometimes hurts. But knowing the truth and prevent worst thing happen is better than living in denial for the rest of your life and end it with a sad ending.


3 thoughts on “Daily Meditation: On Health

  1. I think I have same problem with you. In the wet season there was nothing wrong with my scalp, but in the dry season as now, my there were crusts and a lot of dandruff on my head. at The last dry season I got this problem too, I thought it was psoriasis but I realized It wasn’t, because it didn’t spread to all my skin – just on scalp. And when the wet season came, everything was fine. But the trouble has been coming again now when the weather is hotter. my I know what shampoo you use for healing this disease?


    1. You come to the right place, bro. Buy shampoo that contain ketoconazole. Fungasol has 1% (it is also cheaper) and Ketomed has 2%. Use it twice a week, and use off the shelf shampoo inbetween until it is gone. After that, use it once a week for maintenance. My doctor said, sorry for the bad news, you can’t totally wipe it out of your head, bro. So, maintenance is a must.


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