Daily Meditation: Revisiting An Old Book

Yesterday, I installed an audiobook app on my phone. There was this old book I once read but didn’t finish. So I listened to it this morning while commuting.
Then I realized that I have unconciously implemented many lessons in that book. Although, I find it hard to recall any important point in it. Reading (or listening) to it once more reminds me of my past decisions. Or how I become who I am today.

If my present self is a house, book is the brick. It didn’t matter if I cannot remember any lesson in it or even the title of the book, the truth is the book always there. It supports my values and views. It affects how I react to life.

If there’s one habit I could recommend to everyone, it is to read often, read much. I often said that being raised in a third world country, in a lower class family is like a fish in a bowl. Fish in a bowl doesn’t really know anything in the sea. The bowl is his reality. It is easy to be the greatest in the bowl, until it thrown to the sea. The only thing a fish in a bowl, like me, to think outside my bowl is by reading.

It has been said too many times before, reading widens your perspective. Reading opens to a bigger world. Reading is a life saver, way more effective than any martial arts. Reading is a key to help others. Reading increases your chance to find happiness. I can list another hundreds reason to start reading, but believe me, your world changes once you start to read.


Thanks for reading. I’d like to know your experience on how a book affect your life or any book you’d recommend. Do not hesitate to write it in the comment section!


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