After The Storm (2)

It’s been four days since my last post.

Usually  I post once in two days, whether it is a short writing or a long one, or whether it’s an important matter or a trivial one.

A lot of things happened lately. I had uninstalled Kaskus when one of my friend told my that my writing got Hot Thread-ed. Then I enthusiastically watching the share, likes, or whatever rocketed sky high. Thanks for the comments, btw, it helped me to decide what I gonna write next. I also planned to make weekly newsletter update on Daily Mumble, so you probably notice that there’s a pop-up asking you to subscribe everytime you visit this website. I answered questions via Line, which I sorry if I couldn’t reply ASAP.  I had been busy preparing for a business trip, hence I am in Pontianak right now and until next week.

Being alone. Hotel room. A laptop. Sounds like a writer’s heaven right? Ya, I planned to do more writing in my spare time, aside of having to finish my tight-deadline job. I hope this week’ll be a very productive week. Thank you for reading 🙂


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