Daily Meditation: On Stress

One of my friend asked me how I manage stress. I couldn’t answer it. I’m worried about too many things. Life. Career. Health. Love. Too many times it stressed me out. It feels like I want to throw in the towels, chug some sleeping pills and call it a day. But I stopped since I already drank too many coffee and didn’t want to be found dead the next day.


It came easily as I realized that there’s a small bump in my hand. Or if my name wasn’t the number one on any list. Or when I thought the next phone call would be a bad news.

My job need extra attention, so I drank coffee. At lunch, I was sleepy, so I gulped down another cup. After office, I need to work on this blog, so I got another cup. After that third cup, bad things popping into my head. I slept late. I overslept, I drank coffee after breakfast. The circle goes on and on.


My expectation to always be productive. To always post quality stuff a day. To answer to every message immediately. To focus on one thing only. To have a perfect morning. And everytime I failed my own expectation, I get stressed.

The internet told me that I have to focus on the present. By not worrying about the future and the past. Live in the moment, they said. If it’s that easy, none would ever get stressed.

Listen to stress reducing hypnosis. Yeah, for only 5 minutes and then I fell asleep.

Or write. I wrote this kinda post to relieve my stress actually, although I sometimes get stressed when I think about how imperfect my writing is.

I think it’s time to take a step back and figure out the bigger picture.

IMG_0526 edited





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