Essential Apps For Read, Write and Workout

My phone is not a super phone. Many times, I had to remove one app just to install another app because of the limited storage. It also can’t run complex app because of, I don’t really know, it just can. I’m also not really into a game anymore. I get bored easily, so a game could only survive three weeks in my phone at the most.

Due to that limitations, I only used my phone to read, write simple notes and working out. After all, that’s all I need to keep me sane. These are great apps that helped me to do those things.

Disclaimer: I still don’t get paid for reviewing apps/products here :p

Person Sitting While Open the Book

Reading App: WordPress, Medium, Quora

When traveling, I love to get into a conversation with the local and learn from them. Basically, I love to learn from other people hence I enjoy reading blog posts and people stories. That’s when WordPress/Medium/Quora comes in handy.

I regularly reading #Indonesia in WordPress, although, mostly about touristy stuff, sometimes there are gems in there. For my fellow Indonesian, I can recommend WahSur, Beasleygreen, indonesiaful and idlehomemaker.

Medium is so resourceful, so I thought WordPress slowly turns into Medium. I rarely write on Medium, I read these publications a lot: Be Yourself, Startup Grind, or just its Top Stories.

Last but not least, Quora, one of the best app ever written. Lots of question asked and answered by the experienced. The answers often surprised and inspired me. Go check it out.

Person Standing on One Leg Black and White Photo

Workout App: Progression Pro and Freeletics

Workout has been a part of my daily routine for years. I usually workout 3-4 times a week either in the gym or in my home. I like weightlifting and Progression Pro has been helping me on that. It basically a workout journal designed to track your progress in terms of how much weight you lift. It simple and functional. So I paid for the premium version, the very first app I bought.

Freeletics Bodyweight is one app that I have a love-hate relationship with. I love it because it is simple and easy to use. It is also very challenging and made me envy to others great freeletics users. I hate it because it is damn hard to top another user.

The best part of those apps is it allows me to compete with myself  and others. Competition, my friend, is essential to keep working out interesting.

black-and-white, man, person

Writing App: WordPress and Writer

Previously I stated that I used Writer to write on my tablet. I chose Writer because it is so convenient due to its simplicity. I usually made a blog post draft on my tablet and then import it to WordPress for editing/finishing. Lately, I updated my WordPress app. It gets better and more convenient to write a draft on my phone although my phone screen is so small. So I use Writer not so often anymore.

Honorable Mention: Productivity Challenge Timer

I’ve tried many productivity apps and hacks. It may be varied to other people, but Productivity Challenge Timer works best for me. First, it has project feature. You can divide your to-do list into projects for easier monitoring. Then, using pomodoro technique, you can log your working hours into that certain project. The default time for one work session is 25 mins and 5 mins test, but you can change it. 45 mins works best for me. This app gives me simple gratification with ranks and achievement. It is simple and it works.

Thank you for reading. If you find this post useful, please click follow or subcrive via email. Share in the comment section below if you want to recommend an app you find useful! 


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