Daily Meditation: On Possession



One day, my father brought home a car. It was a Jeep, a CJ-7. It was his dream to own a Jeep. We lived in an alley back then, which forced my father to park the car far from home. He often slept in the car just in case someone tried to steal it. But, my father seldom use the car. After we moved to my a house which has a garage, the car just got park in the garage, collecting dust. One thing missed from my father’s calculation is the car is just his dream, his want. Not his need.

I was born in a not-so-rich family. For instance, my family never own a house; it was given (or lent) by my relatives. My father was working in the air force, being sick for years, his career got stuck. My mother helped to make ends meet by running a small shop. To give you a clearer picture, my first was salary was as twice as my father’s salary of 20 years of working. It was that bad.

Being the only one who able to support others, I always want to leave a legacy for my future family. None wants his kids suffer, right? So do I. Money is so important to me, so I have to keep my priorities straight.

My decision for clothing for example. I agree that pricier brands affect on how others see you. But I doesn’t have money to afford that. My need is simple: proper clothes to wear in the office, no more than that. So, I choose lesser brands and continue buy that brand for almost 5 years now just because it fits my need. It just need to be presentable, I don’t need to look like a model.

Before I made any purchasing decision, I always think if the decision made based on emotion or need. Is it can be delayed or urgent? Is it an expense or an investment? I always think thousands times before I actually buy the thing. Most of the times, I need to go more than twice to the same store just to make up my mind. With that kind of mind set, I rarely buy anything. I can count with my hands anything I bought which over Rp 2 millions (around $150). I think that kind of discipline will pay me back.

Sometimes, I envy people who born rich. I wished to have an easy life, having the road ahead already paved with gold. So, me, the prince, just have to walk it and complaint if the road is uneven. But, yeah, here I am, struggling each day. Thinking that everything I did will pay me back.

I’ve been sleeping on a thin mattress for a year and going to do it for another year if it can assure my future. I’d definitely commute by my old Vega-R for another 10 years if it can make my future brighter. I’m a soldier. My mission is to secure my future and I’d do anything. My eyes are on the prize and I will never let go.

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6 thoughts on “Daily Meditation: On Possession

  1. not all the riches know how to use money in a good way, though. Beside, I admire such endurance in hardships like you’ve shown in your post. You’re learning wisdoms through your hard times, it can be useful to guide you until later.

    I just want to remind there’s nothing bad about wants. We just have capacities of wants we can handle, so pick wisely. For your father, his car was a want he chose. I guess for you, you have a bigger want –your life ambition.

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    1. Thanks for the comment. Well, yeah, I guess there are wants in my life ambition; wanting my kids to have an easier life, better education, etc. It is a wants for now, but it’s going to be a need when the time comes. As for me, I’m willing to ignore my current wants to prepare for my future needs.

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