Changed Things A Bit, Because Why Not

To shake things a little bit, you may have noticed that I changed the site logo for good. I put my favorite thing, sunset, as the background and changed the overall logo to an initial. Yes. It maybe difficult to print or to put it in another form and all, but I like it and that’s enough.

Welcome to the blog of a sun-worshipper. Lol.

There’s a lot of things I wanted to say lately but it don’t deserve a blog post. There’s also things that I wanted to share, like articles, long reads or even workout sessions, and obviously this blog is not the right channel. That’s why I opened a Twitter account and put it the feed in the right column. As I previously stated in my Twitter channel, I use Twitter for media curation and as a place to share about inspiring contents and ideas. I also think that Twitter is the right channel to share short updates about why I’m currently interested about and, then, exchanging opinion with other people. Even though Twitter is declining, I believe it’s still a great channel to share without too much hassle.

Last but not least, I wish this little change open a whole new opportunity for this blog. I want to turn it to a publication with topics that still need more discussions. Shoot me an email if you want to be a part of it.



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