This post is another attempt to restart my writing habit after weeks of no meaningful post. I tried writing more fun/interesting post to get myself in the mood again, but it failed. So here I am, writing with no expectation.

Do you know that writing untitled post is like throwing something into the limbo? You only see it for a while and then it’s gone. Like many untitled posts before, it also will be gone. I neither want to read it again nor remember it because this post is a stepping stone to whatever lies ahead. Whether it’ll be another roadblock or gold pavement, I don’t really care. All I care is to make sure that the words don’t stop flowing this little page in my palm.

Too many times are wasted, man. It was like I am gonna do this first time in tomorrow morning and, the next day, the time passed but nothing was done. I was trying to make something, but usually ended up over criticizing myself. Sometimes I just can’t take it and gave up.

This post is an attempt to simplify everything I know about writing. I am just writing down what’s on my mind and not really care about the words before this word. No topic, just pure test on how far this mind can take me. In some parts, it obviously going to sound stupid. See? I am already criticize myself again.

I was thinking to end this post in this sentence. Another me thought that I just have to write it down. 

I also erased a paragraph before I wrote this.

I think I have to end this post right now.


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