Practicing Photography: Kota Tua Jakarta

So last Sunday,  I decided to go to Kota Tua. I woke up at 04:30 and took off to the Stasiun Depok Lama. I arrived at the station at 05:30. I was doing this just because I want to practice my photography skill and it was holiday,  so why not. 

It was still dark, and the train was quite empty. It was December 25th and there were still people going to work. Maybe some of you wonder why I picked Kota Tua. Around two years ago,  I got job assignment that require me to commute using commuter line via Stasiun Kota Tua and then walk and switch to angkot. Back then,  I usually got to Kota Tua around 07:00 and still got the time to sit and drink coffee. I love the ambience,  watching people passing by and the sun was shining through the old building. So I think it is a good idea to take pictures there in the morning. 
So I managed to get to the Kota Tua area around 7:00. It was still empty and there weren’t many people around,  so I could get clean background and nice pictures. I uploaded this pictures on my EyeEm profile,  and if you’re interested you can purchase it there. Tehee. 

Yo,  I need to hear your feedback,  people! I am using 4 years old ultracompact Canon camera.  The camera has limited capabilities, so I tried to experiment with the composition. I also tried to include people so my picture has more personality in it. 


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