A Lifestyle Update

Lately,  I’ve been making changes on my lifestyle. That’s because I felt my lifestyle wasn’t good in the long term. I used to work until late and drink lots of coffee. The combination of lack of sleep and too much caffeine made me more stressed. At the same time,  I was trying to implement intermittent fasting. Not eating regularly and too much coffee brought back my old friend of mine, indigestion. I had to go hospital and took bed rest for days. That’s the time I decided to adjust in my lifestyle. 
I’ve been avoiding coffee for weeks now. My head doesn’t hurt anymore because of the caffeine withdrawal. I feel less anxious and stressed. There was also no more sudden ups and downs in my mood. I changed coffee to black tea, and gonna change it to green tea in the near future. Now,  I only drink coffee once in a week and only cappuccino. Obviously it reduce my productivity but I’m sure with enough time I can get back to the level where I am before without coffee. 

I’ve shared this a while ago, I meditate regularly now. I usually meditate for 10-15 mins a day. I use meditation to ground myself. I think people need time alone to ground their selves. Too many activities made us just “go with the flow” without thinking if that activity will give us benefit in the future. As for me,  no matter if it’s meditation,  regular prayer or even smoking session, you have to make time to be alone to see the bigger picture. Therefore you can decide and focus on the important things. If you’re interested in meditation,  you can download Insight Timer app. It allows you to stream lots of free contents about meditation,  ranging from forgiveness,  mindfulness,  stress relief, etc. I have been trying many meditation apps and I think it is the best free meditation app.

I am also trying to rebuild my habits. I tends to do what comfortable instead of what important so I often ended up doing unproductive things. I came with an idea of identifying my ideal lifestyle and breaking it down to to do list, dailies and habits. I identify myself as someone who loves to learn and share so my ideal lifestyle involves books,  podcasts,  writing and workout sessions. I also started really small,  try to get the momentum so I can be as productive as I was before without the negative things. 

For this purpose and to make it more fun,  I am using an app called Habitica. It basically gives me points when I ticked off my habits and to do list and allows me to spent the points for ingame gifts or real life gifts. I make buying a new camera as a gift if I can implement my ideal lifestyle for 6 months.

I want to know your experience on changing or implementing new habit. Please feel free to write it in the comment and discuss. Cheers! 


4 thoughts on “A Lifestyle Update

  1. Aku juga lagi coba breaking bad habits, fokus ke pengurangan waktu begadang. Efeknya enak. Suka banget kalo bangun subuh trus mulai beraktifitas. Pas liat jam ada perasaan, “Lho, kok baru jam 7?”. Ahaha, I find it oddly satisfying, karena benci banget kalo waktu itu gak kerasa.
    (And yaaaas, green tea is daaa best. I drink it every morning and have white tea as well!)

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  2. I’m a bit mad here, dude, haha but never replace your coffee with some other beverages just because you suck at handle it.
    I mean, remember what coffee did to y(our) happiness when it stung your brain with something called cafeine. Sorry to say but you’re such a betrayer to your coffee.


  3. Yo,
    I am avoiding coffee doesn’t mean that I am not gonna drinking this holy black nectar at all ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚. I am reducing my intake for goodness sake ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚. Yes, it helped me to flesh out the first hundred posts in this blog but, no thanks, I’d rather get enough sleep to be more productive that chug more coffee ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚


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