Daily Meditation: Against Expectation

What's killing me lately is expectation. As this blog got more visitors, I unconsciously increase my writing standard. I expect to write more that 23 writings last month, but ended up wrote only 18  writings. So this month I promised myself to write more and better, but until today, I only posted 2 writings. I … Continue reading Daily Meditation: Against Expectation


Daily Meditation: On Possession

One day, my father brought home a car. It was a Jeep, a CJ-7. It was his dream to own a Jeep. We lived in an alley back then, which forced my father to park the car far from home. He often slept in the car just in case someone tried to steal it. But, my father seldom use the car.

Daily Meditation: On Stress

One of my friend asked me how I manage stress. I couldn't answer it. I'm worried about too many things. Life. Career. Health. Love. Too many times it stressed me out. It feels like I want to throw in the towels, chug some sleeping pills and call it a day. But I stopped since I already … Continue reading Daily Meditation: On Stress

Daily Meditation: Revisiting An Old Book

Yesterday, I installed an audiobook app on my phone. There was this old book I once read but didn't finish. So I listened to it this morning while commuting. Then I realized that I have unconciously implemented many lessons in that book. Although, I find it hard to recall any important point in it. Reading … Continue reading Daily Meditation: Revisiting An Old Book

Daily Meditation: On Health

Today I went to see a dermatologist. I worried if I developed psoriasis just as my father did. The skin on the side of my head has been flaky and peeling if it is too dry. It turned out that I have a sebbhoroic dermatitis, the name's kinda frightening but it just my skin produces … Continue reading Daily Meditation: On Health

Daily Meditation: Get Rid of Bad Thought

That feeling when you recognized a negative thought and want to get rid of it. If you read "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrary" you'd know that our mind is like a garden. If we want our mind lust and healthy, we must defend from negative thoughts. Self doubts, envy, rage, fear and whatnots are … Continue reading Daily Meditation: Get Rid of Bad Thought

Daily Meditation: Passion

If you are not enjoying what you do, just quit and do something you enjoy the most. I really wish life's that simple. The thing that we enjoy the most might be not beneficial to us in the long term. It might be not out true passion. Finding our true passion could take forever. Years, … Continue reading Daily Meditation: Passion