A Lifestyle Update

Lately,  I've been making changes on my lifestyle. That's because I felt my lifestyle wasn't good in the long term. I used to work until late and drink lots of coffee. The combination of lack of sleep and too much caffeine made me more stressed. At the same time,  I was trying to implement intermittent … Continue reading A Lifestyle Update


Saat Lo Bingung dan Kehilangan Arah

Rutinitas sehari-hari kadang buat kita tidak sadar mengenai kondisi diri kita sendiri. Apakah kita sedang di tempat yang tepat? Apakah kita sedang menuju ke arah yang tepat? Well, ambil kertas kosong dan pulpen, bacaan ini butuh direnungi sambil ditulis 😀

Daily Meditation: Get Rid of Bad Thought

That feeling when you recognized a negative thought and want to get rid of it. If you read "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrary" you'd know that our mind is like a garden. If we want our mind lust and healthy, we must defend from negative thoughts. Self doubts, envy, rage, fear and whatnots are … Continue reading Daily Meditation: Get Rid of Bad Thought